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Friday, August 18, 2017

The Knitter 114 - Brecqhou

Issue 114 of The Knitter has arrived with subscribers and I believe it's in the shops in the UK now too. I have a beautiful shawl in this issue in a yarn that was brand new to me.

The Knitter says: This shawl by Anniken Allis has beautiful curves that wrap around your shoulders perfectly. It features a deep lace pattern around the lower edge, and a central spine and upper border of eyelets. Anniken has knitted her shawl in Amano’s Ayni yarn, a smooth and soft blend of baby alpaca and silk, which comes in 14 warm shades.

Brecqhou has an interesting teardrop (or heart) shape which I talk about in this tutorial here. It's a great shape which is perfect to wear as a shawl around your shoulders as the shaping creates a curved top edge which also makes it perfect to wear as a scarf (as in the photo above).

I recommend starting this shawl with a Garter Tab cast on. I have a tutorial on that here. If you prefer, you an just cast on 9 sts and start the pattern. It won't make a huge difference but the garter tab looks a bit smoother.

Breqhou is worked from the top down in stocking stitch with a lace edging. Starting in stocking stitch means you can get used to the shaping without having to worry about following a lace pattern at the same time.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mullion - New Pattern & Kit

I'm thrilled to finally introduce the Mullion poncho. I know many of you have been waiting for this one. The Mullion poncho is perfect if you love lace but don’t like wearing shawls. A simple lace pattern is followed by a bold edging. The poncho is worked in the round from the top down. 

Mullion starts with two similar, fairly easy big eyelet patterns which flow into a lacier border.

Mullion comes in two sizes - Petite and Tall. Emily (my daughter) and I are both wearing the Tall version. We're the same height but Emily is very slim and I'm plus size. Choose size based on height as well as build, adjusting length if necessary. For a short plus size, cast on for the Tall size and work fewer repeats of Charts C and D. For a very slim tall size, you may wish to cast on for the Petite size and work extra repeats of Charts C and D.

I knitted Mullion in Navia Bummull which is a beautiful cotton/wool blend and my new favourite yarn. I'm offering kits in a choice of six colours available for pre-order. The kits will ship during the second half of September because the yarn takes a few weeks to get here from the Faroe Islands. Pre-order the kits here. Kit include the yarn and a printed a well as a pdf copy of the pattern. Needles are not included.

The Petite size takes three 50g balls (690m) and the Tall size takes four 50g balls (920m).

 Pre-order the kit here or purchase the pdf pattern here.

Newsletter subscribers check today's newsletter before you purchase the pattern as there's a discount for you. The discount is only valid on the pattern only. The kits are already discounted. If you'd like discounts on future patterns, sign up to my newsletter.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Mini Tip Tutorial - Fixing a dropped stitch in lace knitting

I've finally got another Mini Tip Tutorial for you. It's been a while but I want to get back into doing two Mini Tip Tutorials every month.

We're kicking off with a fairly easy fix but if it happens to you and you're fairly new to lace knitting, it may be scary to notice a dropped stitch several rows back. You may feel you've got no choice but to rip out. But sometimes ripping out causes more problems especially in a pattern like this with lots of double decreases. So in today's video I will show you how I fixed this little mistake.

A Knitter's Tool Tin with a photo of my hand-dyed yarn.

In the video I mention a Tool Tin by The Sexy Knitter. I keep one in my hand-bag all the time. 

Please ask any questions you have in the comments below. You can see all the previous Monday Mini Tips and other tutorials on my Tutorials page. 

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

A week of knitting & other things

We've had a week's holiday and it seems I completely forgot about blogging. We stayed at home but went to a festival called Creationfest every day. It's about 30-40 minutes drive from where we live. 

 Creationfest is annual Christian festival with fantastic music, kids and youth activities including a skate park, talks, seminars and worship for the adults as well as a several bands playing every evening. We mainly went in the morning for the main worship/teaching session and stayed on for afternoon seminars on a couple of days. The picture below was taken yesterday at a Divine chocolate tasting workshop which we really enjoyed.

I knitted during most of the talks and seminars so got quite a bit done. I cast on this new project last weekend and only worked on it while we were at Creationfest.

One day we went to nearby Eden Project in the afternoon. We rarely go in the middle of the summer so it was interesting to see how it looks this time of year. The big biome in the back of the picture below is the tropical biome which is like a tropical rainforest and is extremely hot and humid. It was well 35-40 degrees celcius at the top of the biome.

My favourite is the temperate biome which is based on the Mediterranean and South Africa climates. Loved this colourful display.

Outside there is various British plants and art installations. If you've never been to the Eden Project and find yourself in Cornwall then I highly recommend it.

One evening we went to Sterts which is a local outdoor theatre. It does have a roof but you still feel like you're outside. In fact it was colder inside than it was outside. I took the picture below while we were waiting outside the theatre.  In addition to a big wool blanket, I brought my Amelie shawl to keep me warm. We saw My Fair Lady which I've never seen before. A friend of ours was in the play  and we really enjoyed it.

In the evenings this week, I've mainly been knitting on my pink blob. It's getting really big and it looks like a big blob. I'm very close to finishing and I need to finish it this weekend as I need to start on a new deadline on Monday.

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Monday, August 07, 2017

Knitter Focus - Valentina

Knitters often get worried about which yarn to use for lace patterns. There are so many hand-dyed yarns that are variegated and looks fabulous in the skein but it doesn't always look that great in a lace pattern. When I first knitted Valentina, I wanted to use a specific colour of Schoppel 6 Karat. It was the first colour I'd always sell out of at shows. I sent the yarn and pattern off to my sample knitter. And when it came back I was slightly disappointed as the lace does get a bit lost in the yarn.

Now, this is not my sample knitter's fault. She just knitted what I asked her to knit. And I do like this yarn and in real life it does look better than in the photo. Also, the camera I used to take these photos wasn't that great.

The lovely Kathy, who's my Ravelry group moderator, has knitted Valentina in a solid colour of Schoppel 6 Karat and it look so much better in a solid colour. I love it! first, I thought it was another shawl.

Kathy is a fantastic knitter and has knitted quite a few of my patterns now. I also love that she's happy to add to or change a design if she wants to. On Valentina she added picots which I think looks great. You can read about what she did on her Ravelry project page.

Thank you Kathy for letting me share your beautiful shawl here. If you've knitted something from one of my patterns and would like me to share it here, do get in touch (e-mail me on

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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Special Offer

I thought I'd let you know about a little special offer I'm running over the next week. 

Get 25% off any pattern purchase from my Ravelry Pattern Shop. Use coupon code: summerknit. Valid until 13 August 2017 (midnight UK). See all my patterns here. 

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Friday, August 04, 2017

Monogamous Knitting

 I've been very monogamous with my knitting lately. I normally have several projects on the go because you need different knitting for different occasions but sometimes I get obsessed with a specific project and that happened this week. I do have other projects on the go but they're being ignored this week.

I was hoping to finish this pink blob before the weekend but even though I've been knitting like crazy, I don't think that'll happen. I may finish it by the end of the weekend, depending on what we do this weekend. This project is getting a big big for portable knitting now.

We're going to Creationfest next week. It's an annual week long Christian festival held in Cornwall. We're not going every day but we'll go for a lot of the sessions so I need some portable knitting. This weekend I need to cast on for a new design. I've got a yarn in mind. More later.

July was a busy month! Above is the photo I shared on Instagram as a July round up. Here are my July highlights

  • I had four designs published in two magazines including the cover of The Knitter. 
  • We had some fabulous family days including Vanessa's graduation, days out locally (the photo with the ponies was from a walk on the moors near where we live) and a trip to London and Southend on Sea with Vanessa.
  • I did lots of knitting of course and I released the Pimlico pattern - we've got a knitalong (KAL) going on in my Facebook group - Love of Lace Knitting (get 40% off the pattern if you join the group).

Last weekend we drove back up to Southend on Sea in Essex. It's a long drive from Cornwall and it was made worse by holiday traffic. The car was loaded up with all of Vanessa's stuff as she's moved up there for her first post-university job as a statistician. 

On Saturday before we headed home we walked down to the seafront (she lives 5 minutes walk away from Westcliffe seafront) and walked to the Southend Pier which is a mile long pier. We walked to the end of the pier but I've injured my leg somehow so I got the train back (yes there's a small train that runs the length of the pier).

August should be quieter than July. This week I've been trying to catch up on work and catch up with a couple of friends. Next week, we've got a week off so I'll be doing as little work as possible.

I do have one workshop coming up this month and that's for the St Aubin's Bay shawl at The Wool Merchant in Dartington, Devon. Contact the shop for more details if you're interested.

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