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Friday, March 23, 2018

Edinburgh Yarn Fest

Edinburgh Yarn Fest and Edinburgh itself was amazing. I loved my time exploring the city, teaching my classes and walking around the yarn market. I arrived in Edinburgh Tuesday lunchtime after a very relaxing flight. I like half-full flights so you can stretch out over two seats. The view from the plane was great too as we flew fairly low most of the way and the visibility was good with only light clouds. I saw the South Wales coastline and snow topped hills (either in the north of England or south of Scotland).


After dumping my luggage in the hotel, I headed out to explore the city. I stayed in the New Town area and focused on exploring the streets and shops in that area. I headed to Edinburgh's famous Jenners department store which reminded me of Liberty's in London.

 Jenners department store       Georgian houses in New Town

I admired the Old Town from a distance. I didn't feel up to heading up there as I'd had an early start that day.

I admired Edinburgh Castle which was the first thing I saw as I stepped off the airport bus.

My classes went really well. I taught Circular Fair Isle Yokes, Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl and Beaded Lace Knitting. I even remembered to take a few photos from two of my classes.

I think this was the Circular Yoke class. The ladies in this class worked so hard as we had a lot to cover.

Below is my Beaded Lace Knitting class. 


On Thursday morning and all day Friday I went to the yarn market. My mum came with me on the Friday. Thursday was busy but Friday was heaving with people. I heard there was a very long queue to get in for those who hadn't pre-ordered their tickets. I highly recommend you pre-order your ticket. It will save you from queuing. I also heard that Saturday was much quieter but I wasn't there that day so I'm not sure.

The podcast lounge was a great place to relax and was always full of knitters from all over the world. I met a few lovely ladies here who I've met at shows before or who have bought my patterns and book. 

A few photos of some of the stalls. I haven't added links but just google the company name if you want to know more about them.

Injabulo                           Ginger Twist Studio
            (I'm desperate for one of their big baskets)   

Inspired Fibres                                  Rainbow Herloom

Skein Queen                  I think this was possibly 
                            Town End Alpacas

La Bien Aimee                            An Caitin Beag

View from the gallery of part of the yarn market.

I didn't actually buy that much because I had very little spare space in my suitcase. But I did get a EYF tote (not shown) and project bag (with the colourful hat on) as well as an EYF pin (now shown), two skeins from La Bien Aimee for a shawl, a skein of Yak Singles from Cosmic Strings (which is a new to me indie dyer) for another shawl design, a fabulous project bag from the lovely Pink Hazel (I also got a needle gauge and one of her new pins which I forgot to photograph), a Knitters Keep (the bracelet thing) from A Yarn Story (I meant to go back on Friday and get the row counter that attaches to it but forgot), two Shetland Wool Week notebooks (only one shown), two beautiful cards (printed from a felted picture) and a wooden mitten ornament set from Ysolda

On Saturday we explored Edinburgh. My Mum and Vanessa joined me in Edinburgh. It was a freezing cold day with a bitterly cold wind so we spent most of the day on one of the tourist buses (which was great), exploring Holyrood Palace and National Museum of Scotland. The museum was great and we only explored a fraction of what was on offer.


On Sunday we were due to fly home. But due to snow in Devon our flight got cancelled. Exeter Airport closed just as we were literally boarding the plane. So Flybe put us up in a nice hotel for the night and re-booked us on a flight on Monday evening. Vanessa had an earlier flight back to London on Monday but my Mum and I got to spend another day exploring Edinburgh. The weather was much better so we walked around the top of the Royal Mile, near the castle.

I loved my trip to Edinburgh. It's a beautiful city and this was my first visit but hopefully it won't be the last. Edinburgh Yarn Fest was great fun. The stalls were amazing. My students were lovely. I had students from several European countries and the US. I hope I'll be able to be part of it again next year.

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Monday, March 12, 2018

Getting ready for Edinburgh Yarn Festival

I'm leaving for Edinburgh early tomorrow morning. I'm teaching three workshops at Edinburgh Yarn Festival this week and spending a day at the yarn market. I'm looking forward to attending a show where I'm not having a stall and can spend the day enjoying everything on offer.

Of course a trip would not be complete without some knitting projects to keep me company. For a few weeks I've been thinking I need to get some new handwarmers knitted up. I love wearing them as my hands are always cold. Finally yesterday I decided I'd cast on for a new pair. I had a pattern charted out for some hand warmers I'd planned to knit last winter but I never got around to casting on. See at the end of the post how far I've gotten in less than 24 hours. I did a lot of knitting yesterday evening but I've done very little today.

I also decided I needed to take a new shawl project with me. My current shawl wips are too bit for travel projects. I prefer 4ply/sock yarn for travel projects but lace weight yarn takes up less space so I chose Laceball. I've not quite nailed down the lace pattern yet although I did decide on a shape.

I cast on for a new pair of sock. Every trip needs a pair of socks. I will mainly knit on these when I'm out and about. I'm knitting toe up and the yarn is Crazy Zauberball in the same colourway as the shawl above.

See how much progress I've made on my hand warmers! I'm nearly at the thumb. I'm doing an afterthought thumb as it's quicker and easier. I'm hoping to finish this one tonight so I can cast on for the second one to knit one while I'm travelling tomorrow.

See that beautiful book? It's a new Yarn Show Planner from the organisers of Edinburgh Yarn Festival. It'll be for sale at the festival and it's fabulous. It has space to plan several shows. Each section includes details of the show, transport, accommodation, who you're planning to meet up with. Lots of space to plan your travel projects and to make a list of vendors you want to see. There's also space to list which patterns you want to buy yarn for including all the details you need about the pattern.

The cover is thick card stock and the paper is great quality. Love this show planner! Look out for it at Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

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Friday, March 02, 2018

Snow Day Discount!

Most of the UK has snow at the moment & it's causing chaos. We rarely get snow here in Cornwall but we're snowed in too. So to cheer us all up, I'm offering you all 25% off any of my patterns in my Ravelry Pattern Shop until midnight UK on Monday 5 March 2018. Use coupon code: snowday18 to get 25% off. You can use the discount as many times as you like and please feel free to share it with your friends.

Here are a few suggestions of patterns you may like to add to your collection. Above, clockwise from top right: Dartmeet, Dakota and Carlyon Bay.

Above, clockwise from top right: Caldera, Nordlys and Venezia.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

New Pattern & Tutorial - Spanish Fan

I'm excited to introduce my new pattern - Spanish Fan. The name was suggested by Dawn who gets a free copy of the pattern. Get 30% off Spanish Fan till end of 28 Feb 2018 (UK time). Use coupon code: spanish30.

A beautiful, delicate lace shawl resembling a Spanish fan. Light & airy, this is the perfect accessory for a evening dress or a glamorous accessory for casual daytime. Spanish Fan is worked form the top down with a knitted on edging.

I love this knitted on edging. It's very easy to do but if you're new to this type of edging, I've filmed a tutorial which you can find here.


Spanish Fan is knitted in Schoppel 6 Karat. I used one skein of each colour - 7641 (C1) Stone Grey and 2285 Raw Denim (C2). I didn't actually use the full skeins. I used 80g/480m of C1 and 70g/420m of C2. You may use more or less depending on your tension. 

I have a selection of kits in a choice of four colour combinations to pre-order. Kits will be shipped around mid-March.

The shawl's inner crescent measures 148cm/58¼in and the depth at the centre is 62cm/24½in.

 As I was photographing this, I was going through my Tattysquawk shawl pins and I chose Porthtowan Surf which goes perfectly with these colours. See my selection of shawl pins here.


Get 30% off Spanish Fan till end of 28 Feb 2018 (UK time). Use coupon code: spanish30.

Here's a blocking photo of this shawl so you can see how it blocks out. 

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fabulous Weekend

I'm back from Unravel and it was another fabulous event! I enjoyed meeting regular and new customers, members of my Facebook group - Love of Lace Knitting - and the ladies who came to my Professional Finishing Class on Sunday.

I'm so grateful to everyone who supported us by buying yarn, patterns, shawl pins, beads or notions. And I'm so grateful to everyone who stopped to say hello and show me what they'd knitted from one of my patterns. 

I didn't get much of a chance to look around and there are a few stalls I'd hoped to check out but I'll have plenty of time for yarn shopping at Edinburgh Yarn Fest next month. I'll be there teaching and shopping but not having a stall.

I did manage to buy a couple of little things. I've wanted a little sweater ornament for months so I picked one up from Ida's House, who have a fabulous selection of knitting goodies. Fellow Norwegian, Maya, stocks a Norwegian yarn, Garnsurr, in her yarn shop, Knit With Attitude, in London. When I heard that Knit With Attitude was going to be at Unravel I knew I wanted to pick up a skein of Garnsurr. 

I copied this from Knit With Attitude's website: 'Garnsurr is a social integration project for refugee women in Norway. The project is aimed at women, because women often find themselves struggling to find jobs feeling isolated because the opportunities to learn the Norwegain language are quite limited. Through working at Garnsurr these women learn Norwegian at the same time as feeling productive and creative managing a working life - which again contributes to their integration into the Norwegian culture and society.'

I enjoyed meeting fellow Norwegian, Nina - Knitting Windows on Instagram. We've been chatting on Instagram for a while so it was nice to meet in person. Nina came to my Finishing Techniques workshop on Sunday and brought me a little present - a gorgeous tin with some useful and pretty knitting notions. I love knitting notions and pretty tins so this was perfect for me!

I got some knitting done too. In fact, I'm surprised at how much knitting I got done. I'm exhausted after a day at a show so in the evenings we get something quick to eat then retreat to our hotel room to relax. And apparently I did a lot of knitting because my lavender shawl is getting long! I'm on the final quarter. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it this week.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Knitting & Unravel

It's been a really frantic couple of weeks and blogging went to the bottom of my to do list. I've managed to fit in quite a bit of knitting between magazine deadlines and workshops. After finishing a a couple of projects I decided I needed to cast on two new projects.

For a while now I've wanted to design an Orenburg inspired shawl using the construction method I teach in my Orenburg lace workshop. I'll be teaching my Orenburg lace knitting workshop at Handmade Studios, near Portsmouth on 26 May. I'll be back at Handmade Studios on 7 April for a Lace Improvers workshop (contact the shop for more details on both workshops).

I'm using Navia Alpakka which is a pure alpaca lace weight yarn. It's a delicate, light as air yarn and I'm really enjoying knitting with it. I'm adding beads. The construction method is really interesting in the way the edging is knitted on along with the shawl.
I decided I needed an easier shawl on the needles too. I've wanted to knit a shawl in the Lavender and Dark Grey Navia Bummull for a few weeks now. I love knitting with this cotton blend yarn. It's lovely and light. 
This weekend I'll be at Unravel in Farnham, Surrey. I'll have selection of patterns, beautiful, colourful yarns, beads and Tattysquawk shawl pins. I picked up 20 new pins today but I didn't have time to take any photos before it got dark. I wish I had as the pins are just beautiful.

If you're coming to Unravel, do stop by and say hello. We'll be in the Barley Room. 

Next week, I'll have a new pattern release and a tutorial for you.

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